England omit Watmore and Richardson from elite squad

Centre Joanne Watmore and fly-half Alice Richardson have both been left out of England Women's 50-strong elite playing squad for "behaviour" issues.

An RFU statement said the omission of the pair, both 26, was a result of failure to "adhere to and demonstrate the behaviours expected of them in the 2012-13 season".

"To be reconsidered for selection both players must play Premiership rugby this coming season, and demonstrate the high performance standards expected," added the Rugby Football Union.

"The individuals will be monitored throughout the season."

Watmore is a centre or full-back for Worcester and has four international caps, while Richmond fly-half Richardson has played for England 36 times.

England Women's elite playing squad:

Claire Allan (Richmond), Margaret Alphonsi (Saracens), Emily Braund (Lichfield), Natasha Brennan (Wasps), Rachael Burford (Thurrock), Rowena Burnfield (Richmond), Lauren Cattell (Saracens), Abigail Chamberlain (Richmond), Rochelle Clark (Worcester), Emma Croker (Richmond), Fiona Davidson (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks Megan Ellery (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks), Becky Essex (Richmond), Heather Fisher (Worcester), Vicky Fleetwood (Lichfield), Deborah Fleming (Bristol), Mercedes Foy (Thurrock), Hannah Gallagher (Saracens), Megan Goddard (Worcester), Georgina Gulliver (Lichfield), Sophie Hemming (Bristol), Natasha Hunt (Lichfield), Sarah Hunter (Lichfield), Laura Keates (Worcester), Ceri Large (Worcester), Ruth Laybourn (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks), Sophie Lee (Durham University), Siobhan Longdon-Hughes (Bristol), Justine Lucas (Lichfield), La Toya Mason (Wasps), Alexandra Matthews (Richmond), Francesca Matthews (Richmond), Joanna McGilchrist(Wasps), Sarah McKenna (Saracens), Katy McLean (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks), Katherine Merchant (Worcester), Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield), Marlie Packer (Wasps), Claire Purdy (Wasps), Amber Reed (Bristol), Leanne Riley (Saracens), Emily Scarratt (Lichfield), Emily Scott (Thurrock), Michaela Staniford (Wasps), Tamara Taylor (Lichfield), Lydia Thompson (Worcester), Sally Tuson (Saracens), Danielle Waterman (Bristol), Kay Wilson (Bristol), Amy Wilson-Hardy (Bristol)