Rodgers: Suarez can help Sturridge

Rodgers: Suarez can help Sturridge

Rodgers: Suarez can help Sturridge

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is confident striker Daniel Sturridge's recent good form will not be impacted by the return of Luis Suarez.

During Suarez's 10-match ban, which came to an end last weekend, the England international scored 11 times as he assumed the responsibility of being the main focal point up front.

In the Capital One Cup defeat at Manchester United in midweek, which marked the long-awaited comeback of Suarez, Sturridge did not look his sharpest as the Uruguayan took centre-stage.

But Rodgers insists both can play alongside each other - despite starting only eight times together since Sturridge's arrival from Chelsea last January - and the Englishman will not be intimidated by the return of arguably Liverpool's star man who scored 30 times last season.

"I think it will only improve him (Sturridge) and make him a better player. Good players want to play with other good players," said Rodgers.

"I think you will see with how they will perform together that they can be a real threat.

"It is not something that Daniel or anyone else will be worried about, their focus is on the team.

"It is my job to manage the dynamics and the structure of the team.

"We looked at a different system (3-5-2) the other night which would suit the players who were available and after a few days' preparation and then a performance like that at Old Trafford it clearly showed we can work in that way if we want to.

"For Daniel and Luis it worked really well. I have no worries about that.

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