Mourinho wants to work with Dyke

Mourinho wants to work with Dyke

Mourinho wants to work with Dyke

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has offered to sit down with Football Association chairman Greg Dyke to thrash out the way forward for English football.

Mourinho will take a team to Everton for the late afternoon Saturday match packed with foreign players including Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o, who is expected to make his Chelsea debut from the bench.

But Mourinho is adamant the future success of English football is close to his heart and he is willing to help find a solution to the issues, including foreign imports, identified by Dyke in his recent state of the nation speech.

Asked if he cared about the England team, Mourinho said: "I care, I care. I want my players to be selected, to give everything for the national team.

"I would never say to a player with a small injury don't go, stay here, forget the national team.

"When the telephone rings and it is somebody connected with the national team I pick up the phone with pleasure.

"I want to help my academy. I want to support them. I want to give my little contribution to improve everything there to try to bring English players to the top. I care, I care a lot.

"The only match I want England to lose is England v Portugal. All the other matches I want them to succeed. I have three players there at the time but if I can have four, five or six I would like to have four, five or six."

Asked if he would be happy to sit down with Dyke to help the English cause, Mourinho added: "More than happy."

Mourinho, however, believes English players are overpriced compared to the bargains which can be picked up in Europe and cited that as a reason why English players barely featured in the summer transfer window where the top clubs were concerned.

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